I’m a writer and I’m hoping to be a published author.  I have written three stories for children, the overview and first section of each of which are on this site.  Currently, I’m working on a non-fiction book about recognising and working with an underlying reality that brings true magic to this world.  It’s a loving consciousness that we are part of, which is in everything.  This hidden side of life is full of surprises and is actually clear to see when we know how to look for it.  I have been learning how to work with it for many years now and this is what I want to pass on in my book as it helps each of us and our planet too, to feel happier, more resilient and loving.  

Writing is something I have always loved to do. I have kept a journal for many years. There have been many influences on my writing but three main themes come through, these being the pleasure I have had in raising five of my own children and working with children for many years; my love of nature and the natural world which contains a hidden, magical reality that has a lightness of touch; and my strong interest in healing, especially complimentary healing in its different forms. I studied homeopathy at ‘The Salisbury Homeopathy College,’ where I gained a degree in 2013 and practised until 2018 when my husband and myself retired. So, now I have far more time to dedicate to the things I love and one of these is writing.